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The Biography of James Hudson TaylorThe Biography of James Hudson Taylor by R & M Howard Taylor
F. & M. Howard Taylor

The Life of a man of God

ISBN 978-1-905044-32-0

The story of Hudson Taylor has inspired the lives of generations of Christians. Coming from humble origins and battling through great hardships to found the China Inland Mission, his life is a monumental example of triumph in adversity. In this, the greatest of all the biographies of Taylor, not only are the bare facts conveyed, but also the heart and character of a man of God.

The secret of this biography is that the authors not only enjoyed a close relationship with Hudson Taylor, but shared his intimate walk with the Lord. As a result, they are able to lead the reader into the truths that make for a deeper relationship with God.

"As I read the Life of Hudson Taylor, I found it not only utterly absorbing, but Jesus came to me through its pages. I saw Jesus again as the Vine and I but a branch, and I returned to my rest."
                                                                   — ROY HESSION

Frederick Howard Taylor MD was the second son of James Hudson Taylor. Growing up in the midst of all that the Lord was doing through his father, he shared many of the hardships. He suffered the loss of his sister when he was five and his mother when he was eight, and had to endure long periods of separation from his father. He answered the call to go to China as a missionary aged 28 and married Mary Geraldine Guinness in 1894. Together they authored four books.