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My Calvary RoadMy Calvary Road by Roy Hession
Roy Hession

The author of The Calvary Road tells his own story

ISBN 978-1-905044-28-3

Roy Hession’s first book, The Calvary Road, has been pivotal in the lives of millions. In it, he sets out the simple truths that can lead a Christian from defeat to victory, from dryness and despair into joy and abundant life.

In this his autobiography, he tells the story of how those truths were learnt in his own life. Brutally honest about his own mistakes and failures, he is able to give hope and encouragement to even the most despairing Christian.

"Here is a book that will change your life."
                                                               — DR. STEPHEN OLFORD

"One of the great Christian books of all time is Roy Hession’s The Calvary Road. I find it a great help and blessing to know something about the author of a book. Roy’s autobiography is just that kind of blessing. The road he speaks of is not one of perfection or super-spirituality, but one of reality and grace. As you read these pages you will see God working in the midst of the mess."
                                                                   — GEORGE VERWER (Founder of Operation Mobilisation)

Roy Hession’s first book, The Calvary Road, has been an international best-seller, with millions of copies sold.