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Who controls the weather – God or man? The Bible teaches unequivocally that it is God; but more than that, it makes it clear that every hurricane, storm and earthquake is specifically ordained by God. If that is true, what does it say about climate change? And if God is a God of love, why does He ordain natural disasters that bring suffering to millions?

In this hard-hitting book, Daniel Harrison uses the Word of God to cut through human theories and shed light on the issue. Showing how the Bible teaches that God is sovereign and in control of every circumstance, he goes on to use history to illustrate how God has specific reasons for the weather that He sends. Prepare to be amazed and to rethink your theology as the author brings biblical truth to bear on this controversial topic.

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One Pound Classics

“Standing out as signposts which point the way to a deeper and intimate relationship with Christ, these books are a joy to read and digest. If you are real in your desire to grow spiritually I would strongly encourage you to get your copy of these life-changing Christian classics. Written by wonderful men of God, not simply from knowledge but from personal experience, these tremendous books have been made affordable by Rickfords Hill Publishing. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

David J. Patterson, Superintendent, The Apostolic Church, Ireland

These books at £1.00 each.

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender
Andrew Murray

Humility by Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

The Man God Uses by Oswald Smith

The Man God Uses
Oswald Smith

D.L. Moody by A.P. Fitt

D.L. Moody
A.P. Fitt


Not I But Christ by Roy Hession

Not I But Christ
Roy Hession

Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds

Power Through Prayer

Waiting On God by Andrew Murray

Waiting on God
Andrew Murray

The Enduement of Power by Oswald Smith

The Enduement of Power
Oswald J. Smith


My Calvary Road by Roy Hession

My Calvary Road
Roy Hession

The True Vine by Andrew Murray

The True Vine
Andrew Murray

The Full Blessing of Pentecost by Andrew Murray

The Full Blessing of Pentecost
Andrew Murray

The Calvary Road by Roy Hession

The Calvary Road
Roy Hession


How to study the Bible by R.A. Torrey

How to study the Bible
R. A. Torrey

Hallowed be Thy Names by David Wilkerson

Hallowed be Thy Names
David Wilkerson

Our Nearest Kinsman by Roy Hession

Our Nearest Kinsman
Roy Hession

The School of Christ by T. Austin-Sparks

The School of Christ
T. Austin-Sparks


How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

How to Pray
R. A. Torrey

When I Saw Him by Roy Hession

When I Saw Him
Roy Hession

The Power of God's Grace by Roy Hession

The Power of God's Grace
Roy Hession

Revival by Charles Finney

Charles Finney


The Revival We Need by Oswald Smith

The Revival We Need
Oswald J. Smith

We Would See Jesus by Roy Hession

We Would See Jesus
Roy Hession

Hungry for more of Jesus by David Wilkerson

Hungry for more of Jesus
David Wilkerson

The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

The Pilgrim's Progress
John Bunyan


The Biography of James Hudson Taylor by R & M Howard Taylor

The Biography of James Hudson Taylor
F. & M. Howard Taylor